Junior Kindergarten, our transitional kindergarten, is the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience.  It provides a developmentally appropriate learning environment with activities encouraging creativity, exploration, and discovery.  Rich literacy and numeracy experiences are interwoven through a thematic curriculum that also integrates social studies, science, and the arts.  We focus on the whole child and emphasize learning independence and developing a sense of community.  Junior Kindergarten students are busy every day, have a lot of fun learning together, and engage in all Union Hill activities.

The kindergarten curriculum, a half day program with team teachers in the classroom, revolves around integrated, fun thematic activities in line with common core standards. We begin the year with our Kindergarten Circus, inviting friends and family to watch us perform building confidence and relationships in those first days of school. A visit to the pumpkin patch and apple farm in the fall embrace the changing of seasons and offer a taste of local produce.  In winter, we learn all about penguins, snowmen and mittens with crafts and song. Celebrating Dr. Seuss with our Kindergarten Reading Night inspires children to read and brings families together.  In spring, we plant in our garden and watch our seeds grow.  June comes quickly and we are ready to bloom and become first graders, celebrating our year of kindergarten as we “Lift Off” to first grade.