Our 4th and 5th grade family supports students’ development socially, emotionally, and academically through a variety of engaging and enriching activities. In 4th grade students experience rich, culminating, hands -on activities in both social studies and science that utilize their reading and writing skills that they have mastered in their first three years at Union Hill.  Fourth graders create an original Black Bart Movie inspired from their overnight journey on historical Highway 49. Fifth grade students have the opportunity to experience activities that support the curriculum, such as outdoor survival day, and end the year with an exhilarating outdoor overnight experience that focuses on both teamwork and leadership skills. All students in this grade span enhance their tech skills in ways that motivate and inspire them and benefit from class rotation, providing an opportunity to learn from teachers in specialized subject areas.

Sixth grade kicks off the long-awaited Junior High experience, while technically still within elementary school! Students rotate through classrooms taught by staff with specialized credentials, gaining knowledge in core academic subjects while also beginning to pursue specialty areas through elective offerings.  In the fall, students adventure to the outdoors to explore current science standards through hands-on activities while bonding through team building experiences in science camp. Sixth graders become masters in technology through both individual and collaborative projects, practice their presentation skills, and end the year as archaeologists of ancient civilizations, sharing their expertise with the student body.