In seventh grade, students continue the adventure, increasingly developing their academic skills to become more independent learners and thinkers.   In addition to independent work habits, students also learn how to work effectively in groups through a number of projects.  The use of Google Classroom allows students to experience a coordinated homeroom block of language arts, literature, and social studies enabling cross-curricular instruction.  The novel-based ELA program analyzes both classic and contemporary literature that encompasses a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction.  The social studies curriculum focuses on medieval civilizations throughout the world and culminates with a Renaissance Museum performance presented to the rest of the student body and Union Hill community. Another highlight of the seventh grade year includes career cruising unit, an online exploration unit that allows students to connect their skill and interests to their future aspirations. In addition, students engage in various social studies projects, and a take trip to watch the Sacramento River Cats in action for a Triple A assembly and game.


In eighth grade, students continue developing their academic skills in preparation for their high school experience. Eighth grade students participate in a literature/language arts block class which incorporates various genres of literature (fiction, autobiography, poetry, short story, drama), multiple types of writing, vocabulary development, oral presentations and other language arts skills. Students continue to work in collaborative groups on literature-based projects, such as a 1950s pop culture poster, a poet biography and poem analysis project, a showcase-a-veteran project and other creative recreational reading projects.  Practical enrichment classes in multimedia, robotics, STEM, Spanish, leadership, and public speaking continue to open students’ eyes to the application of their education. One of the year’s highlights is our Evening With Shakespeare, a student performance, which is the culmination of our Shakespeare unit. In addition, all students complete ten or more hours of community service as part of their graduation requirements from Union Hill.  This community service requirement includes not only the hours of service, but a written portfolio and an oral presentation, which highlight the project and strengthen the skills taught in language arts.