Welcome to First Grade!  First grade is a special place to learn and grow. We feel it’s the best because the children show such incredible growth in their academic skills, and their social development. To compare these skills at the beginning of the year, to that of the end of the year, is truly amazing! They learn to read, write stories, compute with new math skills, yet they are still young enough to take “imaginary field trips” to make learning fun! Their confidence as learners grows in all areas, it’s truly a magical year for them, and their families! We believe in creating classrooms where all students have a positive attitude, are valued for who they are, and are expected to achieve at their highest potential. Together, we’ll help develop your “little student” into a life-long learner. We’re looking forward to a great year with your fabulous first grader!



Welcome to the wonderful world of second grade, where students continue on their exciting journey to becoming independent readers and writers. Students learn research and informative writing skills through the exploration of arctic animals and dinosaurs. To foster creativity and imagination, students look forward to creating leprechaun traps, clay and junk dinosaurs, and various curriculum-related art projects. To promote the development of the whole child students are exposed to singing, dancing, Education Through Music and attend a live theater performance. Parental involvement and support is still an integral part of the second grade program.



Thrilling Third Grade Adventures

Many exciting topics are discovered in the third grade as students put to use the their reading and writing skills to learn about the world. Third grade students study birds, the solar system, matter, and plant life. During our many adventures we dissect owl pellets, make clay eagles, visit the Empire Mine, explore the Sierra College Planetarium, bird watch at Grey Lodge, learn about agriculture at Farm Day, visit a local farm, and enjoy an InConcert Sierra performance. As a closing to the end of our fantastic year, we perform the Hoe Down at Open House and play many Minute It To Win It games.